The increase of OS and types of terminals (screen dimensions, resolutions, CPU) makes the mobile applications testing process more and more complex, thus long and relatively expensive. Testing tools, specific to this field, are little known and not administered by developers or QA responsible, as seen in this study:

In order to bring a solution to this problem, ALL4TEST has set up an offer for mobile testing, as follows:

A /Tools: Implementation of a test framework allowing some tests’ automation. For this purpose, ALL4TEST has selected the best test automation software.

These tools are adapted for managing native and hybrid applications.
Some of them can be connected to a Framework (e.g. Eclipse, Visual Studio or QC / QTP) in order to guarantee a good integration with all the R&D team.

These tools recognize objects used by the applications (not by OCR) and do not require Jailbrake under IOS. Scripts’ maintenance is therefore facilitated.

Our offer can deal with waterfall or Agile organization. The objective is to automate tests on real targets (even remote access) and to point out the anomalies to the developers directly in their development Framework (Eclipse, VS, other)

B /Terminals: ALL4TEST operates with test terminals among the most used in Europe. This allows the “CLOUD testing”, accessible for our teams as well as for our clients.

C/ The specialized test engineers: ALL4TEST collaborates with over a hundred testing partners all over the world in order to increase their teams, but also in order to have access to different terminals used outside Europe.

This approach allows launching our testing campaigns on our own platform but also on a terminals park of our partners, defined according to the test campaign requirements.

These tests results are centralized and accessible either on Web or via a test manager of the market (e.g. QC).

Here is an example of integration of our testing solutions in an Agile process:

Our objectives:

  • Reduce the testing time from 50 to 70 % and go from several weeks of testing to a few days
  • Avoid our clients from managing tools, devices and specialized testers.
  • Allow our clients to be time to market
  • Increase test coverage and number of devices tested
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