A mission of expertise and advice… Audit, assistance in choosing a tool or changing the implementation of a quality process, AMOA, requirements engineering…

The success of an IT project relies on the capacity of the project manager or product owner to correctly elaborate specifications and requirements which should be understandable and manageable by the developers and testable by testers.

For this reason ALL4TEST has set up an offer of advice and support for requirements management in order to help their clients from the beginning of the project, to guarantee the quality of their applications and the adequacy to the initial requirement.

We can adopt various requirements classifications according to the approach or the pre-existent organization, for example:

  • According to the people who emit them:

– Users requirements, business requirements , technical requirements

  • According to their level of precision:

– Objectives, HLD specifications, detailed specifications (certifications, eco-certification), use cases…

  • According to the requirement’s nature:

– Functionality, ergonomic (usability), robustness, performance, security.

We find very often recurring problems to which requirement’s management brings solutions:

  • Collect
  • Validation
  • Priorities management
  • Change management
  • Quality management
  • Links with the rest of the project and/or with the context

The methods (x CMMi) and the test manager tools insure traceability between requirements and test plans.

All4TEST’s offer:

  • Requirements engineering trainings, based on standards as REQB
  • Specialized consultants who support clients in order to establish and manage requirements during the project and define the test strategy and the associated test plans.
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